My name is Christine Springer and I founded Desert Edge Legal Services in 2007. I am a paralegal, not an attorney. I have an MA in International Studies from Washington University in St. Louis, a BS in Management from National-Louis University and an AAS in Paralegal Studies.

I moved to Arizona in 2006 after I graduated from Washington University. I had already been in the legal field for ten years by the time I finished my master’s degree. I worked in law firms for about twelve years before I started DEL in 2007.

I was fairly naïve when I started my company. I had just read the Four Hour Work Week and was profoundly influenced by the book. I didn’t want to continue to make money for everyone else when I was the one doing all the work. I had absolutely no idea how to run a business, but I did know that I could help people find solutions to their legal issues. And the adventure began there!

When I started DEL, I initially offered a service that helped people set up LLCs and Corporations. I offered a complete package of setup, publication, a corporate minute book with initial minutes and resolutions. The package price also included fees.

When the financial crisis began in April of 2007, I had a lot of people asking for help with loan modifications. I started to look at Truth in Lending and RESPA laws for leverage to help people get loan modifications. I learned how to analyze TILA calculations and look for hidden charges and fees.

As the overall foreclosure crisis continued, the legal strategies of the banks also changed. Initially, a lot of homeowners worked together at a grassroots level to help other people and many saw success. This is perhaps the main reason the case law changed so quickly – attorneys weren’t keen on helping people at that time for various reasons.

I began to look at the recorded documents, and research various facts, public sources of information and other information in the public domain to compare the information with the information the bank was using to foreclose. I essentially created a method, which I still use today, to find the weaknesses in a bank’s foreclosure case to give the homeowner leverage in their defense of the foreclosure.

Eventually, I went on to help lawyers learn how to critically review a set of loan documents, and I even helped a couple of attorneys keep their own homes. Just about everyone who followed the process I created managed to get a better outcome. Sometimes they just wanted to buy time; other times they wanted a loan modification. Several received large principal reductions.

I also learned how to do legal research and understand the case law decisions and how they impacted homeowners. Additionally, I created digital products that teach people how to audit their own loans.

In late 2013 and early 2014, the courts began to shift more in favor of homeowners. Here in Arizona, the Steinberger decision was the turning point. You can read about that case here on my blog – I audited the Plaintiff’s loan and had worked with her attorney to help her save her own home.

I continue to audit loans, help people set up LLCs, and a few other things. Please see my Services page for more information on what I do and how I might be able to help you.

You can reach me at Christine (at) Desert Edge Legal (dot) com if you’d like to discuss working together.