Changes Coming to Services Offered by Desert Edge Legal

By Christine E. Springer

I will be making some major changes to the audit services and the audit classes in the new year. I don’t have all the specifics at this time, but I can tell you that the $449 audits are going away, as are the existing audit class offers.

If you want to learn how to audit or want an audit for your foreclosure, contact me now to get the low price.

The prices are going up and won’t be offered as a standalone services after January 1.

The digital products will remain the same price. Those prices were lowered earlier this year and they are still a great value. And, remember that there are videos on [my YouTube channel]("target="_blank" rel="nofollow) if you want to learn to audit on your own.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about DEL and how it needs to shift to the new paradigm we find ourselves in.

We aren’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!

I am convinced that there is an unmet need in the legal industry and as a paralegal, I’m uniquely equipped to step in and help. This is just an extension of the work I’ve already done these past ten years. (I can’t believe it’s been TEN YEARS!)

Nearly every audit I did for a homeowner required support that was beyond the scope of the audit. That says a lot about the kind of help and support people REALLY need and aren’t getting from the existing structure.

Here’s what that new business model is looking like: three month packages tailored to your situation. Strategic default preparation, litigation preparation, and bankruptcy preparation are three situations where clients need additional support. This is not legal advice: it's helping them get prepared for their legal situation.

I’ll be working with clients to solve problems like finding the right lawyer, what to expect, case law research, the emotional component of the legal situation, loan audits or critical evaluation of the issues, and other specific tasks related to their individual situation. These are personalized to the client and the issue, and I’ll be expanding my coaching to other legal situations.

The other reason for this is because of the personal changes in my life. I’ve had another round of spiritual awakening and it’s pushing me to be REALLY authentic and more heart-centered in all areas of my life, including my legal business. I am ready to bring some compassion into an otherwise difficult area of life for many people.

If this works, great! If it doesn't...that's OK too. Thanks for following along on my journey!

Much love to you all!
Christine E. Springer