Welcome to the services menu for Desert Edge Legal Services! Here you'll find a list of services that are offered along with pricing. Please note that I am a real person and for now, I personally provide these services.

NEW for 2021! PUA/UI Strategy Sessions $75 an hour

In December 2020, I launched a digital product about how I successfully used Arizona's Notice of Claim Statute to get my Pandemic Unemployment Benefits paid after a second suspension of payments. These sessions are for clients who need extra support with writing and editing their letters and dealing with other issues that may come up. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to about what's happening and get a different perspective.

Foreclosure Defense Audits $1799, with a $300 consultation fee due up front

This is the signature service I offer through DEL. There is no upfront fee for the audit service itself, but there is a required $300 consultation fee. If we decide to work together, the $300 consultation fee is applied to the $1799 fee.

Much of what I do when it comes to working with homeowners is coaching them through the process of finding the right solution to their foreclosure dilemma. There is usually a lot of stress and fear about the process and there aren't many professional service providers (lawyers, etc) who understand or cater to people in this process.

Along with that, I review the loan documents and help the homeowner understand the weaknesses in the bank's foreclosure case. It takes about one to two weeks for me to finish the research, and then I issue a summary audit report that is intended to demonstrate that I've finished the work.

Once payment is made, I send you the final report and we arrange for a time to discuss next steps. Usually, we develop an action plan and discuss any additional support you might need, such as referrals, introductions or additional materials. I can help you select the right attorney. I am also available to speak with your attorney to discuss the issues that I've identified in your loan documents, if desired.

Please note: I do not work with anyone who is representing themselves. It's 2020/2021, not 2009. The law is well-developed in many jurisdictions, along with lawyers who understand the issues and can help you. I will not draft legal documents for you and I cannot give you legal advice becuase I'm not an attorney.

Foreclosure Defense Strategy Sessions $150 an hour

These sessions are for clients who have already had the foreclosure defense audit. Often, there are other issues that arise after the audit, during litigation, or you just need someone to talk to about what's happening and get a different perspective.

New Entity Formation in Arizona LLCs $695 Corporations $749

This package includes the following:

-Formation of the entity with the Arizona Corporation Commission
-Coordination with paper to ensure publication
-Prepare a corporate minute book with your minutes and records for the first year
-Filing and publication fees are included (costs range anywhere from $50-85 for filing fees and $30-60 for publication)

I am also available to go to the Corporation Commission and file documents in person as necessary.

Please note: I do not provide or draft Operating Agreements. Note that each member of a multi-member LLC should obtain separate legal counsel to provide each member individual advice on an Operating Agreement.

Statutory Agent Representation in Arizona for one year
$325, with annual minutes and resolutions for both LLCs and corporations, one year
$250 representation only, one year

Local Personalized Assistance
Need someone locally in Phoenix for errands or other special assistance? I can help! E-mail me at christine (at) Desert Edge Legal (dot) com with the details of your request and I'll get back to you with pricing.

Contract Paralegal Services, Consulting or to retain me as an Expert Witness
Please contact me to discuss these services, as pricing will vary based on the project. You can reach me at christine (at) Desert Edge Legal (dot) com.