How Desert Edge Legal Services Can Help You

By Christine E. Springer

If you're in foreclosure, or contemplating a strategic default, or just see a problem ahead with your financial situation that may impact your home, it's a good idea to be prepared.

There are several ways Desert Edge Legal can help you:

1. Foreclosure Defense Strategy Sessions. This is really the best place to start for most people. It's inexpensive and will give you clarity about how to move forward. They are $25 per half hour. These sessions are also good if you have follow up questions after the audit or if you just need to bounce some ideas off someone.

Also, I typically apply your first strategy session fee to the price of an audit if you decide to move forward after our session.

Remember, I cannot give you legal advice. Think of these as mini-foreclosure defense coaching sessions. You don't need to figure all this stuff out of your own.

You can pay for a strategy session here.

2. Loan Audits This is a comprehensive service that looks at your closing documents (assuming you still have them), your recorded documents, any bankruptcy documents filed by the bank, including Motions to Lift Stay and Proof of Claim, loan modification applications and correspondence from the bank.

From there, I do further research on the loan, and write a report that explains the problems with facts and evidence related to the loan. It will show you where the bank has problems related to the facts and evidence on your loan. It does NOT tell you whether you have a cause of action -- your lawyer's job is to fit the issues into a cause of action that will get you the best outcome based on your state's case law.

Remember, I cannot give you legal advice.

There is no upfront fee for an audit, but you must formally become a client by signing and returning the Client Agreement and forward all the documents by mail or by e-mail.

3. Adversary Proceeding Consulting. An adversary proceeding is a lawsuit within the framework of your bankruptcy to challenge a creditor's claim.

This worked very well during the foreclosure crisis when homeowners could not get justice through state and federal courts.

I have worked on several cases (such as Sanchez, and typically homeowners receive principal reductions when these are handled correctly.

You’ll need to have an attorney to use this service because I cannot give legal advice.

Note that lawyers are often uncomfortable making this type of challenge in court. It works best when you know before you file if your lawyer will handle this for you. Often, lawyers don't want to bother with loan modifications or property issues.

Contact me for more details.

4. Digital Workbooks. My e-store, Christine Springer Media, is where you can purchase various digital products if you’d rather do it yourself.

I wrote these products in 2010, in response to the FTC’s MARS Rule, which prohibits upfront fees related to mortgage rescue services.

DIY Mortgage Review for Borrowers is the most popular product for homeowners. I also offer digital products for professionals, including a package with everything you need to start auditing loans for others.

5. Loan Audit Training. A lot of people really enjoyed digging into the details of their loans (despite being in foreclosure).

I also train lawyers, real estate agents and investors on how to use my audit methods to assess a loan. There are many reasons a loan audit may be useful now.

Please contact me for more information.

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