Price Changes on Digital Products and Audit Services

By Christine E. Springer

I have decided to change the prices on the digital mortgage tools and the services that I personally perform for homeowners and attorneys.

There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is personal: I've been doing a lot of inner work and I realize that I have an opportunity to help a lot more people because of my understanding of what happened in the foreclosure crisis.

I don't think there's any reason to keep the digital product prices as high as they were. (They are digital and it's not like I incur a cost to make another one after I sell them!)

I'm not saying they aren't a HUGE value, because I am seriously in love with my digital creations....BUT I want more people to be able to afford the help they need.

Let's call it a Divinely Inspired Action, because I'm super excited about it and when you take action based on Divine Inspiration, good things happen. And I think we all need some good things to happen -- things have been heavy lately!

The second reason is because of the recent statistics about re-defaults on HAMP modifications (see my post here about some interesting things unfolding) and the California case that may open the door to wrongful foreclosure lawsuits. Although these may seem like not-so-good-news, I think we're actually seeing the first signs of change. People will need help making decisions about their homes given the new possibilities that are unfolding.

I suspect that we may see an increase in foreclosures soon. I am already seeing an increase in demand for loan audit services.

So this brings me to the details: I have lowered the prices on ALL the digital products and my loan audit services. Scroll down to see the price changes for services.

Digital Tools:

How to Find Your Loan's PSA is now $5 instead of $7.

Mortgage Loan Audit Template is now $69 instead of $79.

My ebook on How to Write a Great Loan Audit Report is now $25 instead of $39.

DIY for Professionals is now $44 instead of $89.

The Complete Mortgage Loan Auditing Guide for Professionals is now $88 instead of $169. This is the best value for anyone who is interested in learning how audit professionally and comes with your tuition on my virtual loan auditing class.

The DIY Mortgage Review for Borrowers is is now $38 instead of $79.

The price of most of these digital tools has dropped by 50%. The exception is the Loan Audit Template, which has dropped by $10.


Virtual Loan Audit School:

I am seeing a lot of success with virtual loan audit school, which nets you one-on-one virtual coaching and the Complete Mortgage Loan Auditing Guide for Professionals.

The cost is $500 and can be split into two or three payments depending on what we work out. Contact me for more information.

Loan Audits:

I have dropped the price on loan audits to $449, which includes the same research and a written report. Contact me for more information (details below).

Dodd-Frank Compliance Audits:

This is a brand new service that is being offered by a student of my virtual loan audit course, Richard Cox.

Richard is already well versed in Dodd-Frank compliance and he's going to teach me a few things so that I can incorporate the knowledge into my audit process.

We don't have all the details worked out and so these audits will be offered on a case-by-case basis. This is an important tool, especially for investors buying notes. Homeowners may also benefit from this service depending on the circumstances. Contact me (details below) if you'd like more information on this service. Price is TBD at this point.


I am available to troubleshoot and help you develop a plan of action for navigating your foreclosure. I can help provide support, guidance, hiring the right attorney, and more. My hourly rate is $35.

If there is something else not listed here, but is related, please contact me using the tab form on the right side --> of the page, and we'll figure out a way to work on it together.