I Wrote Two New eBooks This Year (2020)

I am beyond excited to share with you two NEW eBooks that I created for 2020! The first one is called "How to Create an Arizona Limited Liability Company [https:

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I am beyond excited to share with you two NEW eBooks that I created for 2020!

The first one is called "How to Create an Arizona Limited Liability Company".

You may remember that the very first service offered by Desert Edge Legal was legal entity formations. This was before the other big name services were getting started. I offered several packages that were all-inclusive of your filing and publication fees. I've set up hundreds of LLCs and the information in this book is based on my experience with helping people set up their LLC in Arizona, with up-to-date information for 2020.

The book is written from the paralegal perspective and is packed with details. It includes instructions for forming your LLC online through the Arizona Corporation Commission, and instructions if you want to set yours up old school, with actual paper :)

It's 44 pages long and has some other fantastic bonuses, including two templates in a Word document, one for your initial minutes and resolutions, and a second for your annual minutes and resolutions, along with a third document, a guide to show you the documents I put into my clients' corporate minute books when they hire me to set up their LLCs. I'll also tell you why I give my clients minute books as part of my service, even though they are not required for LLCs.

I also discuss branding and how to do your own research to see if anyone else is using your same business idea and branding concepts. You won't find this information in any other LLC resource, free or paid.

By the way, this book is not intended to be financial or legal advice or exhaustive on the subject of setting up an Arizona LLC. In my experience, most of my clients had already spoken to a lawyer and an accountant and just wanted someone to handle the setup for them. This guide will help you do that yourself. my November newsletter (if you aren't subscribed, you can opt-in below so you don't miss out!) I mentioned that I was working on a guide to teach laypersons how to do their own legal research. I just finished this guide today and it's also available now!

Much of what I do as a paralegal in my own business is educate people. Over the past decade I've found myself repeatedly explaining that just because you see a case on the internet doesn't mean it applies to your case!

As such, I wrote a guide called "Legal Research for Non-Lawyers" and it's also available now!

It used to be that you had to have an expensive subscription to a service like Westlaw or Lexis to do legal research. However, with the advent of Google, you can now do reasonably decent legal research for free with Google Scholar online.

This is intended to be a guide to help you jump start your education on legal research. Like anything else, you will need to practice legal research until you get comfortable with it. There is no test you can take to demonstrate that you did it “right.” It can be a little daunting at first.

We all know that our legal system is deeply flawed, and it’s failing Americans. It is my hope that this guide helps put this information into more people’s hands that can use it.

This book is meant to be a simplified guide for non-lawyers who want to understand how to research legal issues without going to law school or taking a class. It’s not intended to be an exhaustive guide to legal research.

For many of you on my mailing list or who regularly read my blog or watch my YouTube channel, the information in this guide will take your (para)legal skills to the next level.

Christine Springer

Published 2 years ago