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If this is your first time visiting my blog, welcome! My name is Christine, and I’m a paralegal and an entrepreneur with many interests. I started my paralegal business, Desert Edge Legal Services, in 2007. I figured out how to fight foreclosure based on the facts and evidence using a loan examination process I created. I also set up legal entities, offer statutory agent representation, content marketing, and contract paralegal services. You can reach me at Christine (at) Desert Edge Legal (dot) com.

I haven’t written much substantive content on here in awhile.  Since 2014 and the Steinberger decision, I’ve really felt like there wasn’t much else for me to do related to foreclosure defense.

IMO, Barbara Forde is the best attorney for foreclosure defense in Arizona and she got a great decision. What else is there to do for homeowners? The path forward for people who want to keep their homes is there: get a loan audit/examination, hire an attorney and go from there. Or, if you prefer the bankruptcy route, which I think is fantastic, get the audit, work with a bankruptcy lawyer and Barbara Forde on the adversary proceeding, and go from there.

There have always been and always will be people in foreclosure, so the good news is that there is are new laws in place in many states that make it more difficult for banks to foreclose. The case law is important because the bankers are still doing what they were doing before, in spite of major lawsuits and all the other trouble they created. Residential mortgages are still being securitized and the paperwork is still sloppy.

The bankers have learned from the lawsuits against them. They have changed how to show their sketchy dealings in the foreclosure documents. There’s a whole new set of things to look for when you’re looking at loan documents now. I will be revising and updating my digital products to include some of these new issues. Revising these books will be a huge undertaking and I haven't had the time to do it until recently.

Once the foreclosure defense work tapered off, I took a few detours. I'm getting ready to write a series of posts that I'm calling "Entrepreneurial Detours," which include posts about couponing, becoming a rideshare driver, and starting an Amazon business. I've also worked as a copywriter for a car dealerships, attorneys, home health companies, air conditioning companies, tattoo artists and other businesses. I also started a kombucha company, and most recently I've been doing contract (freelance) paralegal work for law firms.

My most recent contract with a law firm has ended, so I'm finally starting to write about the detours I took and all the things I've learned. I will be releasing eBooks over the coming months about some of these detours and all the things I've learned so that others can leverage my experience.

I'm still helping people with their home loans, setting up legal entities in Arizona and I am also offering statutory agent services, and more. Please check out my services page for more details on pricing.

If you are interested in working with me, contact me at Christine at Desert Edge Legal dot com.


Christine Springer

Published 4 years ago