What's Happening to the Economy? What's Happening to Us?

By Christine Springer

This post marks a turning point for me, a departure from the way I used to blog. I've been feeling guided to open up and be more authentic in my expression of who I am.

I used to worry about not being logical or rational – some of that is from my parents, and some of it is from the world.

We have all learned to shut off our authentic expression and to filter it so that it is more palatable for the world.

Many women have experienced the pressure to be less of their feminine selves to fit into the working world.

I have also been worried about bringing a more spiritual viewpoint to my legal work.

Being a legal professional can be hazardous to your health – it’s very adversarial. I feel like I was beat up by the foreclosure crisis and through my eviction saga.

There’s also a part of me that worries that one day, I’ll be testifying for a homeowner and be discredited because of my spiritual beliefs and writings. It just dawned on me that I was usually not taken seriously as a paralegal during the recession anyway, so so perhaps it’s time to let that ship sail.

So what if people don’t take me seriously? I’ve survived that!

I imagine there are others just like me reading this. I know a lot of talented people out there who feel called to follow their interests but they are worried that their existing career would be damaged by following their other interests.

Anyway…let’s get to the point of this post, which is that it’s time for someone to explain in an easy to understand way what’s going on with the economy and with all of us. The media does not connect the dots for people, and I think that’s intentional.

These points are just my observations. I hope they bring clarity and allow you to go easier on yourself for any perceived failures.

It would be easy to look at what’s happening in the economy and world events right now and think we are headed off a cliff. That’s the most obvious assumption, right? Have we all gone mad?

In truth, however, there are much broader themes affecting us all and I'd even say that while these events and new awarenesses are painful, they are leading us toward healing on many levels.

Here is what I see going on in the world, within us(me) and within our economy:

First: We are in a time of unprecedented change. Our infrastructure is crumbling. Our leadership, existing structures and the establishment do not have the answers. They aren’t going to admit they don’t have the answers because they believe it would make them look weak.

If you are frustrated with your economic prospects, know that you are in the same boat with everyone else. We are ALL feeling frustrated right now at our lack of progress.

Any time there is massive change, there is confusion. It’s going to be difficult to make progress, which includes financial progress, during confusing times. We must look for answers on our own, within our community and outside of the establishment.

The establishment is too busy bickering amongst themselves to make any meaningful change. The people know that, and that’s why they are coming together in grassroots efforts to make change in their communities.

Second: We must all accept responsibility for our lives and choices. We must all look at our lives and decide what we need to change and work on changing it. Many of the changes we need to make will run contrary to what we’ve been told is acceptable, so it may feel uncomfortable. You may find yourself with judgments that stem from the old paradigm that is crumbling.

This has happened to me recently. I‘ve found myself in a situation that I previously would have judged someone else for doing the same thing, yet the situation I found myself in left me no other options.

Third: Work toward having compassion for yourself and others, and do your best to release judgments about situations unfolding in your life and in the world. Help where you can – even small kindnesses count.

I hope this helps you make sense of what’s happening in the world and in your own life! If you like the post, please drop me a line and let me know. Click on the tab at the right of the page to send me a message. :)