Foreclosure Defense Coaching Program

The foreclosure process could be the best catalyst for accelerating your growth. I coach people through the process.
Foreclosure Defense Coaching Program

Disclaimer: Christine Springer and Desert Edge Legal Services LLC are not lawyers and are prohibited from giving you legal advice. The information on this page and our coaching program is not intended to be legal advice. Please consult with an attorney if you have questions about legal issues in your individual situation.

My name is Christine Springer. Thank you for stopping by to read about my coaching program! If you don't know me, I've worked in law firms for 26 years, with 20 of them as a paralegal. I moved to Arizona in 2006, had a big spiritual awakening, and started my first business, Desert Edge Legal Services, LLC in 2007.

I have coached hundreds of people through foreclosure, but I didn't call it that in 2009 when I started out. The best description of what I have always done for homeowners is that I'm a foreclosure defense coach.

It sounds weird, right? I think so too. It seems odd to think of myself as a foreclosure defense coach but there are coaches for everything niche these days.

Foreclosure defense is a recognized practice area for attorneys, and until the last recession, I don't think anyone bothered to defend a foreclosure.

I helped hundreds of people avoid foreclosure in the Great Recession that happened in the late 2000's. When the economy ground to a halt in 2008, my phone started ringing with people asking for help with their home loans.

Things snowballed from there, and pretty soon I started blogging and working with lawyers who would listen and were interested in helping people.

I have worked on many foreclosure defense litigation cases in a paralegal capacity for attorneys. The lawyers looked to me to tell them what was wrong with the loan. As a result, my analysis method became standarized, which means it's the same method every time.

I am still using the same process today. The banks are still doing what they did in the last foreclosure crisis. I lost my home in 2012 and I found a Mortgage Assignment recorded in 2017. There are still sketchy things going on.

How can MERS assign a mortgage that no longer exists? That's a loaded question though, because of what MERS is and how it operates.

The errors and inconsistencies I found became the causes of action in foreclosure defense litigation lawsuits. You need a reason to file a lawsuit, and I became really good at finding them. A reason is called a cause of action in the legal field, and I became an expert at finding causes of action for homeowners. You might call it leverage.

I wrote and self-published several books for homeowners and professionals to teach people how to use my analysis method. You can find them on my other website,

In addition to the property analysis, I unofficially coached people through the foreclosure defense process. It was not something I realized I was doing. I just knew I was in a position to help people because of my experience as a paralegal.

I helped them find the right attorney, sat with them while they cried on the phone, strategized and guided them along through the process to doing what they needed to do to save their home. I talked to the attorney before they called to smooth out the process. I did what I could to help make the process easier for them.

So, it makes sense to formally launch a coaching program specifically for homeowners facing foreclosure.

There are a lot of good reasons for homeowners to plan ahead and start my coaching program.

Planning ahead means you have more time, which offers you more and better options.

I know how things work, and you don't have to figure it out on your own. My legal experience gives me an advantage over other well meaning people who want to help but don't know what they're doing.

You'll have time to address the emotional aspect of foreclosure during the coaching process, which is something attorneys don't do. They aren't rained to offer emotional support, but more importantly, their hourly fees make them a poor option for therapy.

We'll discuss what you want to do with your house, your preferred strategy and start working on it. There will be disruptions and setbacks, so it's best to expect them. Plan for the unexpected and you won't be caught off guard.

My favorite part of the coaching program is that when you enroll in one of my coaching programs you'll get my signature service, the property analysis, totally free as part of the coaching package. The cost of the loan audit by itself is $1,999.

When we do the analysis depends on where you are in the foreclosure process. So, if you're planning ahead, you might not be in foreclosure now, but you know the writing is on the wall and you're going to need to do something about the loan.

Whether it's the pandemic, job loss, injury, death in the family, or something else, things happen in life that make us reevaluate our position on things and our homes are no exception.

We do the property analysis when it makes sense. There may not be much recorded when you first start the coaching program. The banks don't start fabricating the documents until you go into default, but once you get the Notice of Default, it's time to get the analysis done and start working your strategy.

Once you hire an attorney, I will be available to consult with you or your attorney included with the monthly coaching fee. Or not. It's completely up to you and we can continue for as long as you need support.

You might be wondering why you should pay me $500 a month instead of saving that money. I have answers.

You’re not going to find anyone else out there who has what I have to offer. I have the actual legal experience as a paralegal, so I understand what will work and what won’t. There's no need to waste a lot of time or spend money on things that don't work. For example, securitization audits – don't bother.

Second, it's affordable. $500 a month for this kind of coaching would cost you a lot more. It's even better when you consider you get the loan audit for free.

Third, I'm an expert at helping people through this process. I created the property analytics method that helped hundreds of people in the last foreclosure crisis.

Fourth, I’ve also been through foreclosure myself and I understand what it’s like.

Next, you also get someone who can help you navigate the emotional side of things. I will listen, and will probably suggest you see a counselor if you are having trouble.

I've learned that if the emotional side of foreclosure is not addressed, moving through the whole process is much more uncomfortable. This might be the most important part of the whole program.

This program offers personalized attention. We work through YOUR foreclosure issues during the coaching program. This is not a group coaching program. We make a plan together, we troubleshoot things, we work on finding the right lawyer and all sorts of other things that come up.

You could do this by yourself and get stressed out, waste a lot of time and effort, or you could hire me to help you do all of these things.

If you're ready to get started, let's set up a 30 minute call to discuss working together. E-mail me at christine [at] to set up a time to talk.