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Emotionally Preparing for Default

The collapse of the old paradigm means your finances will change. You are probably already aware of this. You might need to move, or find something more sustainable as you are realigned with your highest and best good.
Emotionally Preparing for Default

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I am talking about this from an emotional perspective, and probably will be for as long as I continue to do this work. I don’t think we can leave the emotional aspect of this out of the overall default discussion.

I realized after the last foreclosure crisis that I was more like a coach, except I wasn’t charging for that part of the service. People need someone to guide them through this process. I saw that repeatedly.

The best way to get through a default/loan modification/foreclosure process is to PREPARE IN ADVANCE.

Is the writing on the wall? Many people knew they were headed for a default six months to a year in advance. If you are paying attention, you will know whether or not what you’re doing financially is sustainable.

If you’re not paying attention, default and foreclosure can be extremely upsetting and disruptive.

If you are having trouble making your house payments or struggling financially right now, I want you to know that you’re not the only person having this kind of difficulty.

The traditional measures of economic prosperity are not working anymore. I have written about this before, about how the old measurements are no longer relevant. The stock market and real estate markets have been disconnected from reality for years now. Almost every institution on this planet, perhaps all of them, have been corrupted.

There is a growing segment of humanity that is no longer content to play out the corruption, greed and manipulation that has existed for generations. Those people are are splitting off from the people whose souls still need more time to evolve in that kind of learning environment.

There is a Divine purpose for all of this. We’re in a time of compressed human evolution. Whether you call it evolution or awakening, science or woo, it’s all the same thing, from the same source creator.

We are all being called to become sovereign human beings and to think for ourselves, instead of listening to what the Bible says, what religious leaders say, or what the government says. You are your own authority.

The old is just making a lot of noise as it dies. I often think about the crabs in a bucket story, where the crabs destined to be cooked will drag the crabs smart enough to leave back into the bucket. This is what a certain segment of society wants: to keep us all locked in the old ways of greed and corruption.

Although this sounds like duality, “us against them,” it’s important that you stay out of that. Stay in your sovereignty and decide what is best for you. Those of us who are waking up are leaving the duality behind. Sovereignty is the third way. One of my favorite teachers call this “triality” and it has to do with the quantum nature of time as we move up in consciousness.

If you’re wondering, “What the hell are you talking about, Christine? I came here to learn about fighting for my house, not a bunch of spiritual gibberish”, I get it!

How does this relate to finances and your house? I’m glad you asked!

The collapse of the old paradigm means your finances will change. You are probably already aware of this. You might need to move, or find something more sustainable as you are realigned with your highest and best good.

Ultimately, these disruptions are designed to liberate you. In this particular case, you are being liberated from economic enslavement through owning a home you might not be able to afford.

Just because things are not like they used to be does not mean they are bad. A lot of people are lamenting that it’s not the good old days anymore. I think if we’re all honest, they weren’t that good for anyone.

This doesn’t mean it won’t be painful or upsetting. We’re in uncharted territory, and there will be a lot of emotional stuff come up as you step into the new. It’s all part of the process.

Most of what is happening now is a massive psychological operation running to scare the shit out of people, disempower them and then they trot out the solution to the problems they created, all for a massive power grab.

It’s not just the mainstream media, either. There are well meaning individuals who don’t know that they are helping the oppressors. They either don’t understand what is happening or they are capitalizing on fear in the collective for views and ad revenue.

I’ve also started to notice how, when you help people, if you’re not careful, you wind up feeding their victim consciousness. I notice this on YouTube and in Reddit forums. People welcome you in the communities as long as you stay a victim, but when you transcend that mindset, they get angry.

They are reinforcing the victim mindset because it keeps you in fear and that is all part of the agenda.

You may have been a target, but you don’t have to be a victim. It’s important to step into your sovereignty and take back your power.

This is why it’s important to get real about your finances and the potential loss of your house. There are options, but the old guard will attempt to influence your emotions so that you don’t exercise your options.

The narrative in the previous foreclosure crisis was “deadbeat homeowners” and “bankruptcy is dishonorable” and that kind of bullshit.

The truth is, the people behind those narratives are playing by a different set of rules and they have been for a long time. They tell you it’s immoral to walk away from your house so that you keep paying and lining their pockets instead of asking whether it serves YOUR interests to keep paying. It serves their interests to manipulate you, and there are still a lot of people who believe what they are saying.

Do you understand what I’m saying here? This is where sovereignty comes in. You decide FOR YOURSELF what is BEST FOR YOU, and let go of any judgments based on those narratives.

If we head into another foreclosure crisis, I guarantee we’ll be hearing all about what they want.

Whether you bought a house during the pandemic, or you just can’t seem to recover from the financial losses from the pandemic, or you’re still struggling from the last economic crisis in 2008, it’s important to look at what is really happening, and see the options that are there for you.

The best options require planning in advance. You have time to get used to doing things a different way, and it’s not as difficult. If you have a spouse and kids, they may need more time to adjust. You have time to make the money you need for your war chest. You have time to move, if that is what you’ve decided to do.

Foreclosure for many people is a very emotionally taxing, stressful time. Don’t be caught off guard. It will trigger every unhealed financial wound you have.

I’m not saying triggers are bad. If you are comfortable with being uncomfortable, allow them to trigger the wounded parts out of you. Then they leave and you realize it’s not so scary, or you finally understand things are different now and you can handle them.

Fear of homelessness, not having enough food to eat, old childhood wounds. Those are all possible triggers.

Only you can really know if your financial burdens are sustainable. If you see the writing on the wall, FACE IT. There will be emotions involved. Don’t get stuck there. Move through the emotions: cry the tears, get angry, feel the victim stuff, and feel it all, whatever that looks like for you.

Emotions are non-linear and they don’t make sense. This is why people are afraid of them and why they are so easily manipulated. But feel them, process them however you need to process, until you reach a place of acceptance.

You may not like what is happening, but when you get to acceptance, and maybe surrender, you let go of trying to control and fix things.

This is where the magic happens. We have so much Divine grace, miracles and help from the Universe. When you let go, things can begin to move in the direction of resolution.

This is where you can start to make a plan. When you get to a place of acceptance, you might get a nudge or an intuitive hit about what to do next. Start there.

In my next post, I will talk about the intersection between emotions and making a plan in the real world.

I hope this post was helpful to you!

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