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Legal Entity Formations

Legal Entity Formations

Disclaimer: I’m a paralegal, not an attorney and cannot give you legal advice. Nothing on this website is meant to be legal advice, and there is no guarantee that the information on my blog will work for your individual situation. Please consult with an attorney if you have questions about your individual situation.

I'm excited to offer legal entity formations again. I started Desert Edge Legal Services with the idea of helping people start businesses. I was young then (LOL) but I knew my background as a paralegal could help a lot of people.

Starting a new business is a time of happiness and optimism for most new entrepreneurs. At that time, I had just started Desert Edge Legal myself.

Many of you will become entrepreneurs because of the pandemic. Many average Americans simplified their lives and learned to get by on less. When you've reached the bottom of the cycle, there's a new wave of expansion that happens for many people.

Americans have grown tired of the parasitic workplaces, lack of benefits and good pay, just to name a few things. I watched in horror as the government's policies destroyed businesses and left people unable to earn a living.

It's an act of rebellion to become sovereign.

I'm not talking about toxic independence here – we all need other people. But I'm personally sick to death of the blatant power grabs, control tactics and the general lack of consideration for the ordinary lives of Americans.

There are so many women stuck in situations where they are trapped financially.

I will not be controlled financially by anyone, ever again. It was a super upsetting experience getting jerked around by the government with pandemic unemployment assistance and having no other options.

If there is another pandemic (I hope I'm dead before then, LOL) I will not take money from the government.

I imagine that many of you feel the same way, whether you're tired of depending on others or you don't like the increasing control over the daily lives of Americans.

The best reason to start a business? Options.

As such, I'm offering full service LLC and corporation entity formations for the same price as I did in 2007. If you need an LLC or corporation, I hope you'll consider using my small business for your new chapter of financial sovereignty.

I am also offering a service for a Corporate Minute Book Clean Up, which basically cleans up and organizes your corporate minutes. I typically create a binder and track down your documents and put them all together. I can also get you updated on your annual minutes and resolutions too.

Please check out the LLCs page to learn more about this service.

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Thanks for reading! Christine