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How I Fought An Eviction and Won on Appeal, Part 2

How I Fought An Eviction and Won on Appeal, Part 2

My name is Christine Springer. I'm a paralegal and the owner/founder of Desert Edge Legal. I am responsible for the content in this post. Please note that I am not an attorney and I cannot give you legal advice. Please consult with an attorney to discuss your individual situation.

This is Part 2 of How I Fought an Eviction and Won on Appeal. I posted Part 1 here, and you may want to read it first.

In this post, I am sharing the Transcript of Proceedings from my eviction trial.

I am sharing this for a couple of reasons: First, I think what happened to me happens to hundreds of people every year because they don't have access to an attorney. I was/am in a unique position to fight back because I have the time and the knowledge to do so.

Second, I think the public should know what is happening in the courtroom. I'd like to think that shining a light on what is going on will mean things will change.

Third, if you're looking for information on fighting an eviction, the transcript will give you a good preview of what you can expect. If you're not an attorney and aren't used to standing up for yourself, it can be scary, and that's a normal response. I know lawyers who are intimidated by litigation, so it's not unusual to feel scared about fighting back.

The bank didn't file a responsive brief, and the Court even gave them additional time to file a response.

Here is Part 1 of the Transcript in BAC v. Springer:

And here is Part 2: